A complete btws package on board

It is estimated that some thirteen billion tons of ballast water are transferred every year throughout the world. Since September 2017, due to new IMO regulations regarding water management on vessels, the installation of this equipment becomes increasingly necessary.

From PROGENER, as distributors of BIO SEA for Spain, we offer a complete btws water package on board. Both in ballast water treatment, as freshwater generators by evaporation or osmosis and treatment of saltwater pipes.



BIO-SEA provides a wide range of complete and highly effective systems to treat ships’ ballast water, those systems are compact, competitive, chemical-free and easy-to-install.

BIO-SEA products are combining two ballast water treatment technologies (mechanical filters and UV-C treatment) into a single one unit resulting in a cost-effective solution with a very small footprint. The BIO-SEA systems can treat all flow-rates from 10 to 2000 m3/h (per ballast pump). All operations are automated and cost-saving (consumption adjustment according to the quality of the water treated).

BIO-SEA offers maritime operators (OEMs, shipyards, retailers, etc.) high-quality solutions of ballast water treatment systems and a support service worldwide.