Submarine ROV

ROV´s (Remotely Operated Vehicle) are vehicles that are controlled by an operator that is not in the vehicle. They can be operated by radio signals or by a cable or a line that connects the vehicle to where the operator is.

Its applications are diverse, from controls and inspections for the care or maintenance of any submerged infrastructure to underwater inspection, service, recovery of objects and help in rescue tasks.


NIDO ROBOTICS manufactures underwater drones that allow inspection, maintenance or research work efficiently, at very competitive prices, and without putting at risk any human life.

They have two products:

Sibiu Pro, a submarine drone with eight propellers, reaching depths of up to 300m, 1080p camera and 4 lights of 1500 lumens that allow you to obtain clear images. 

Sibiu Nano, a smaller submarine drone, easy to maneuver and transport. Reaches a depth of 100m, has a 1080p camera and 2 lights of 1500 lumens.