Emission reduction solutions

Emissions from the exhaust gases of ships are potentially harmful to human health and can cause acid rain, in addition to contributing to global warming. For this reason, the IMO (International Maritime Organization) has established mandatory measures and rules to ensure that maritime transport is cleaner and greener.

At PROGENER, we are distributors for Spain of Emigreen, a Dutch company specialized in providing innovative and sustainable exhaust emission reduction solutions.


Emigreen is the leading innovator in the field of Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR), which guarantees a high level of efficiency in the reduction of NOx emissions.

Depending on the required performance, the system may be enhanced with a clean-up catalyst to minimise the risk of ammonia slip into the atmosphere.

The performance of the system is determined by the control strategy, the degree of urea atomisation and mixing with the exhaust gas, and the catalytic volumen of our equipments.